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      July, 31 2018 - Amy
Certified Review
I would give salon five stars The salon is nice and many talented people there.
This was my third appt and he does not allow me to describe how I want my hair. He told me I should not try to tell him what to do bc he is the expert but all I was doing was describing what I came in for. I found the way he spoke to me embarassing and rude The cut I got was not what I would have described. My bangs are thick and boxy and look nothing like the picture provided previously. I went somewhere else two days later to reshape what I could for the rest of the hair.
Services received :
  • Woman's Hair Cut with Alan
      September, 11 2014 - Annette
Certified Review
I always love my hair cut and color with Tina Ilardi. The ladies who shampoo do a nice job howeve a little inconsistent with the quality of the shampoo. Depends on who you get.
There is nothing "spa" about this salon. Coffe and water served in plastic and styrafome cups!?! Waiting area and general look of the salon is tired. Other than your hair dresser you feel like a stranger not a valued client from the minute you walk in the salon.
Services received :
  • Touch Up with Tina
  • Woman's Hair Cut with Tina
      July, 18 2014 - ALKA
Certified Review
Good location
Some of the help staff (hair washers and receptionists) need coaching on how to be polite and not treat their clients like they are processing a batch of objects on an assembly line....too much attitude. Ruins the whole experience.
Services received :
  • Touch Up with Danielle
  • Gloss Or Glaze with Danielle
      May, 31 2014 - Annette
Certified Review
Easy to get appointment. All very accommodating.
There is nothing 'Spa' about Trendz. Desperately in need of an upgrade.
Services received :
  • Touch Up with Tina
  • Woman's Hair Cut with Tina

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