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      June, 26 2020 - Cristina
Certified Review
I had to cancel my appointment because when I arrived on time I was told that my stylist was not ready for me and it would be 20 minutes or longer before he/she could see me! This meant I would have to wait in my car until they called me again because of COVID safety! Frankly, after rushing from work to get to my appointment on time, I was extremely upset and frustrated and decided to cancel!
Services received :
  • tup & part with Danielle
  • Blow Out with Eddie
      June, 12 2020 - Patricia
I love having Alex do my hair, HOWEVER , see below.
I have to cancel my appointment for June27, 2020, due to a medical emergency. HOWEVER, there is no where on the website to do this !! I called the salon and got a recording; not even an option to leave a message. so.... I hope someone can let Alex know.
      May, 01 2019
Dom is my man, listens to what you want and keeps you from making a mistake :/) and I am super picky
      March, 14 2019
Tina is a fantastic stylist. I followed her from her previous salon to Trendz.
My biggest gripe about Trendz is waitng for someone to decide to wash your hair. The girls many times stand and look at eachother before one of them does you a favor and washes your hair. Emily and Mary are the best when they are working!
      January, 15 2019 - Linda
Certified Review
Services received :
  • Woman's Hair Cut with Alan
      January, 04 2019 - Ann Marie
Certified Review
I just had a facial and waxing with Olga. She was professional, gentle and very good .I also had a pedicure with Karen it was relaxing, no more calluses and did a beautiful job on my cuticles. I will definitely be back
Services received :
  • PEDICURE with Keren
      December, 26 2018 - Maria
Certified Review
Kevin has been doing my hair for years and he is EXCELLENT
Services received :
  • Woman's Hair Cut with Kevin
      July, 31 2018 - Amy
Certified Review
I would give salon five stars The salon is nice and many talented people there.
This was my third appt and he does not allow me to describe how I want my hair. He told me I should not try to tell him what to do bc he is the expert but all I was doing was describing what I came in for. I found the way he spoke to me embarassing and rude The cut I got was not what I would have described. My bangs are thick and boxy and look nothing like the picture provided previously. I went somewhere else two days later to reshape what I could for the rest of the hair.
Services received :
  • Woman's Hair Cut with Alan
      May, 09 2018 - Barbara
Certified Review
As usual, nothing but the best of treatment.
Services received :
  • Touch Up with Joseph
  • Blow Out with Joseph
      April, 03 2018
Dom is da man, I am as particular as they come and he is the best :-)

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